Pick A Drawer

CreativeSprint prompts me to open a drawer and make something with the contents.

Bold circles, a little black mat, and a few minutes of pleasure start my creative day.



Sinister Assignment

Today’s email read: use your non-dominant hand.  I decided to see how well I could cut a fused fabric spiral with my shears design for either hand.  But in the scrap bin, I found a piece with a hand cut out of it.  I not too skillfully trimmed the fabric.  Placing it on the background and ironing it I place went well with my left hand.

What makes this sinister?  Ask a Latin scholar.

Sister says “Share!”

Beth Nyland, my sister, chastised me when I hesitated to post some of my recent work. She said I needed to work on the discipline of sharing.

Noah Scalin’s Creative Sprint appeared as an opportunity to follow Beth’s advice and to have some fun creating and sharing.

Today the task was to make something that will fit in the palm of my hand using materials close at hand.  I found unfinished art fabric in mats a few days ago.  I connected with one of my oldest pairs of scissors.  I returned to the joy of intuitive cutting.  The little feather brought to mind Emily Dickinson’s: Hope is a thing with Feathers.

Traveling in Spirals: Begin in the Present


Where do I begin?  Do I clean up holiday clutter?  Do I assemble what I need to achieve new year’s resolutions?

I prefer to begin in a familiar place, taking a couple of steps.  And then a few more.  I discover new vistas through well known landscapes.  My breathing eases and my mind quickens.


2015 art work at StudioThree 17 begins with a self portrait, a fabric mini-me.  Join us on our path.  Where does your spiral begin?

A Year of Listening: Week 37

self portrait

The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. –Marcel Proust

A Year of Listening: Week 36

Picture 067 (2)



Silence is not the absence of sound. Silence allows many sounds to reach awareness that otherwise would go unheard — the sounds of birds, water, wind, trees, frogs, insects, and chipmunks, as well as conscience, daydreams, intuitions, and wishes. — Thomas Moore

Ease for the Journey

photo 1

This stack of drawers on wheels accompanies me to craft shows and art demonstrations.  The new straps serve two purposes; they keep the drawers in place and create a carrying handle.  The virgin voyage is this evening.  Not all creativity in the studio is artistic.

photo 2

There is a new designation for this production drawer: quick completion.  Projects that need an obvious and speedy finish are here for warm up and cool down action in the studio schedule.

A Week Of Listening: Week 25

Logic will get you from A to Z. Imagination will get you everywhere. — Albert Einstein

Where are you planning to go this week?

Enough: canned tomatoes and darned sweaters

My first-born son and I have had pleasant conversations about “enough” for quite a few months.  But yesterday I shot all the verbal ammo a farm girl raised in the fifties could muster against the idea of home canning.  I have distinct sensory memories of hot summer days in a kitchen made hotter by processing tomatoes: arms discolored to the elbows by the juice, little seeds and curls of vegetable skin stuck to flat and vertical surfaces, and the cloying smell of anything in too great of quantity.

He countered that he would only want to put up a dozen or so jars.  That would be enough for his pantry.  I was silenced.

Today I darned holes in wool sweaters, thrift shop finds for this son’s winter days.  I learned to repair clothing as a child, more of frugal farm life.  It gave me great pleasure to stitch the tiny holes up to make a slightly worn garment very serviceable.  The stitches set my mind free to roam.  I saw 12 jars in a pantry.  Enough tomatoes.  Enough stitches.

Putter Power

I am safe and warm and puttering in my studio.  Pressing fabric sets me free to pray for those in harm’s way. –  my Facebook status for today, posted so that my family and friends knew that I had weathered my experience of the storm named Sandy.

I was intrigued by the number of “likes” and from whom they came.  I believe that they were largely responding to the second sentence.  The artists among them know how comforting and liberating the pleasant repeated tasks can be.  The praying people among them are grateful to have another companion to lift up the weary.

Before me on a pin board are words from Matthew Fox: creativity and imagination…..constitute our deepest empowerment.  How are you using creativity and imagination today?