Tomatoes On The Plate

My father, a farmer, finished August dinners and suppers by filling his emptied plate with sliced tomatoes. He liberally sprinkled sugar over the juicy rounds, then ate them all. This is a clear childhood memory for me, and my brother shares it.

What I don’t know is if Daddy liked tomatoes or not.  Did he relish his sweet crop or was he eating because there was plenty more on the vine? I am asking too late; there is no one living to answer.

What I learned from my father is to use the resources at hand and to be seasonal.  There are seven bags of fabric, processing dye, out in the garage.  Today I harnessed the heat of early September to turn white yardage into the stuff of fabric art.  It is good work.


Traveling in Spirals: Then The Letting Go

This is the Hour of Lead –

Remembered, if outlived,

As Freezing persons, recollect the Snow –

First – Chill – then Stupor – then the letting go –

– Emily Dickinson

pall and science 003 pall and science 001

Death came to our family this week.

Weary people wait, watch for the snow to recede.



Advent Interlude I

winter trees 017

Bare branches define short day skies.

Bring a lamp.  Be prepared for dark nights.

advent stoles. blue scarf 017

Advent stole made on speculation and available for purchase at fibergig.

A Year of Listening, Week 7

Winter solitude
In a world of one color
The sound of wind.

This recalls winter on the farm as a child, hiking the pasture alone.
I am grateful for the memory, and the listening it taught me.
This week’s hours of moving snow to create a way to the road were solitary but not so poetic.

Working With the Weather

I like to cooperate with the weather instead of resisting it. It’s the farm girl in me. It’s the sensible mom in me. It’s the “be present” mystic in me.

Snow and frigid cold is a gift of time for design and prototype development in the studio this week.

Fingerless gloves knit by my daughter Emily keep my fingers warm. I want her to knit more of these for our fibergig shop next winter. Do you think bright-colored wool is a good addition to a snowy day?

surprise 033

Putter Power

I am safe and warm and puttering in my studio.  Pressing fabric sets me free to pray for those in harm’s way. –  my Facebook status for today, posted so that my family and friends knew that I had weathered my experience of the storm named Sandy.

I was intrigued by the number of “likes” and from whom they came.  I believe that they were largely responding to the second sentence.  The artists among them know how comforting and liberating the pleasant repeated tasks can be.  The praying people among them are grateful to have another companion to lift up the weary.

Before me on a pin board are words from Matthew Fox: creativity and imagination…..constitute our deepest empowerment.  How are you using creativity and imagination today?