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Who Encourages Whom

One of my best creative companions is my husband Ned.  He understands the studio schedule.  He totes things here and there. He asks the piercing questions, such as “Is this the best use of your time?”  His help and perspective keep art flowing from the studio.

When Ned retired several years ago, he began art classes at Opus Oaks, a local school for arts.  With lessons, guidance, and encouragement, he has completed a handful of paintings.  He has been reluctant to submit them to shows, until Shenandoah Arts Council, our local council, planned an exhibition honoring the Opus Oaks school.

With some encouragement (cajoling) and help (shopping for a frame) from me, Ned submitted his work.  Later he proudly posed beside it for a photograph.IMG_20160422_130128259_HDR

Who encourages your creativity?  Whom do you encourage?


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