Imperfection Welcomes the Worshiper

Lutheran congregations use red paraments and vestments on Passion Sunday, Pentecost Sunday, Reformation Sunday, and services that celebrate the life of a particular saint.  Today these vibrant wall hangings were delivered to Shepherd of the Hills in Haymarket VA.Hanging SOTH red

Members of the congregation contributed the fabric and cut all the small crosses attached to the wall hangings.  They have stories that connect them to the cloth used in this work.

I explained to newly-installed Pastor Percy that my work is not about perfection.  Instead I use imperfection to help create a welcoming place for worshipers.  While I strive for excellence in my craftsmanship, imperfection leaves space for worshipers to find themselves welcome just as they are. I believe that the church today is in greater need of community than of reverence expressed in finery.

This congregation was hesitant about adding hangings to the wood columns, but they trusted my design.  They have sets for each liturgical season, which are an integral part of weekly worship.   The cloth and color create a welcoming and comforting environment.

Soth red construction

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