Eminently Triangular

I combined a stack of studio yardage, a great quote from Baruch Spinoza, and my love of Trinity to design a large wall hanging (28 x 95”) for a worship space. The art needed to be attractive when viewed within the large space and also as a more intimate background for recorded worship. I decided to add to the design parameters: either end can be up.

If a triangle could speak, it would say that God is eminently triangular. – Baruch Spinoza

The design is first in a series of five called Math and Mood. Tension between order and randomness in the designs echoes the daily patterns of people working through large transition. I was disturbed by the “messiness” of the unfinished edges of the gold triangles, but I could not bring myself to tidy them up. The message was good. Oddly, the addition of random pearl sequins calmed me down and completed the work.

Adding Random pearl sequins

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  1. So interesting. Glad you have so much work to keep you busy during these long days. Blessings Carol

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