A Simple Stitch

This summer marks the 50th anniversary of my learning to sew.  I learned to sew because I am a farm girl.  It was an essential part of the education, as was cooking, gardening, and gathering eggs.  The first seven years of sewing were painful and tedious to me, because I wanted to be reading or wandering the fields and orchard.  But I had good teachers: mother Juanita, Grandma Alice, sister Phyllis, and Aunt Helen.  For these women, I give thanks.

Today I am using a simple straight stitch on a quilted garden.  I remember many years ago finally falling in love with a simple straight stitch when I conquered an understanding of garment construction.  The ability to make and mend clothes was an essential element in my personal economy.

Today I am love with the simple stitch all over again. It gives me power to communicate.  My art can tell a story or evoke an emotion.  And there is a new set of women who consistently persist in encouraging my stitching: Emily, Donna, Marsha, Mary Ann, Mary Lois, Paula, and Joyce.  In these women, I rejoice.

Today I stitch.

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