Singing the Sad Psalms

I have been singing the sad Psalms.  The ones that ask “Why have you cast us off?” and “How long, Lord, how long?”  There are times for the singing of these Psalms.  And I have come to it.

I received a rejection letter regarding an entry to an art show.  I am well practiced in rejection.  My day job is selling hand-crafted furniture.  So yes, well practiced.  What disturbed me was the reason; I felt like my work was being labeled as less than art.  The call for entry stated, ” The following mediums are accepted in the show: painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, glass.”  The letter of rejection explained, “….at this time we do not accept artwork that is sometimes considered a craft – fiber /fabric art, mixed media that includes elements not originally created by the artist, jewelry, furniture, and the like.”  It was an amazingly crafted letter.  They returned my entry fee.

This was the catalyst for the singing of the sad Psalms.  It it had not been this, it would have been something else.  It was the season to acknowledge hard ground.

This week I bought a kazoo, because kazoos are such happiness.  The Beatles, John Phillip Sousa, me and the kazoo.  The seasons are changing.

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