A Surface Design Tool


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This week’s studio work includes using products from one of our fellow Etsy shops, PG Fiber2Art. They market thermofax screens which are great for applying painted design to paper or fabric. We had the BOLD made for our new fiber tags. We ordered our fibergig name in two sizes, one for bags and one for garment labels.

Please visit their shop. You will be inspired.



A year of Listening: Week 18




A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. — Chinese proverb

Hit the refresh button and head to comfort zone!


Hit the refresh button and head to comfort zone!

Mid-week there was a great amount of reverse stitching (also known as ripping) in the studio. Neither design nor construction technique was working. When I rip many stitches one of two things happen: either I repeat the sewing step with more care, a different thread, a new machine setting, or I have an aha moment to a new approach.

Thursday I picked up some of Emily’s hand dyed yarn, which is available at our fibergig shop on Etsy, and began to couch it to the chasuble. I love to couch yarn, and using Emily’s is true joy. I am on a path to completion.

Enough: Using All your Rooms


Enough: Using All your Rooms

My walking partner asked me today if I use all the rooms in my small house for studio work. Here is the bathroom three hours later. This is not an unusual scene.

Changing Color


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I am reinventing this fabric and lace by overdying it. This project is an intentional focus on two of this year’s words: prepare and practice. The fabric is being prepared for summer projects. I am practicing with a new to me product: i Dye for Natural Fabrics.