Trinity: a Mural for St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

Textile mural, 14' wide and 7.5' long.  Constructed in 17 separate panels. Photo courtesy of Nancy DeForest.  She snapped it with her phone as a great kindness to me.  I had not yet seen all the panels hanging together because it is too large for my small studio. Here is what I wrote to the people of … Continue reading Trinity: a Mural for St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

Organic Declaration

Make some legal graffiti?  I nearly gave myself a pass from CreativeSprint's 12th assignment. The prompt includes the suggestion of leaves or chalk to make a temporary statement.  I wanted to stay in my little mats format.  I have never given graffiti a thought.        I proclaimed myself a Trinitarian with small leaves … Continue reading Organic Declaration

What’s with this name?

Why Studio Three 17? I have worked under my name for more than 40 years. And it never really satisfied me. I am doing things differently now. I am working in Studio Three 17. Studio because I am a life-long learner. A place with books, paper, computer, fabric, thread, paint, tools, and space to use them is … Continue reading What’s with this name?