The Tag Tells

 Fibergig is adding new tags to our scarves, garments, and stoles.  We always check the fiber content of fabric and yarn before they are put to use.  Fiber content often limits which techniques we can use in fabrication. It determines best options for paint, dye, pressing heat, and needle style.

Fiber content gives clues about how the article will feel and how to care for it. We want you to know more.

The new tags are photographed here with a small art piece which celebrates the touch of cotton, linen, silk, and wool.  Look for the new tags on items available online at Seeking Stars Art and Fibergig.  Our homepage includes buttons to get you there.


Art to Touch

What is good art?  Let me rephrase that: what is effectual art?

I am filled with joy when one of my works evokes touch.  Of course, I am filled with horror if the viewer is reaching out with hands that have just touched chocolate.

I had lunch with a friend last week at The Village at Orchard Ridge.  As we finished, she suggested that we walk down to the chapel.  We both revel in the beauty of this new worship space.  We walked up the aisle together and then she veered right towards the lecturn. She stood quietly, the frontal cupped in her hands.  I stopped in amazement.  She touched each of the three leaves which dangle at the hemline.

Rejoice in the Lord.  Rejoice!

TVOR green lectern