Mono-tasking on Multiple Projects

Mid-week studio progress report: little steps in multiple areas.

studio midweek shots 003

Purchased fabric for a wall hanging based on a hymn.  Next step: cut into pieces.

studio midweek shots 004

Pinned the pieced front of a wall hanging to the batting and backing.  Next step: quilt the layers together.

studio midweek shots 005

Stitched cross and rings applique to the front of a silk banner.  Next step: outline the shapes with couched cord.

studio midweek shots 006

Draped prototype of a rayon summer shawl on the mannequin.  Next step: hem and seam the 5 shawls.

studio midweek shots 007

Created appliqued abstract of seashore.  Next step: ?

studio midweek shots 009

Prepared new screen for printing.  Next step:  make a trial print.

studio midweek shots 010

Stitched and tied two silk scarves.  Next step:  add the color.


A Year of Listening: Week 22

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. — Albert Einstein

My third year of full-time self-employment begins this week. I have a good week of work ahead of me: a summer shawl, a painted wrap and an apron to finish, next steps to implement on commissioned clerical stoles, online shop product photos to take and edit , and artist statements to write on two completed projects. I also plan to shop for fabric for a significant wall hanging and design a table blessing print.

Two years ago I addressed the problem of how do I produce income through the question, “What do I do?”.

Today I address the problem of how do I produce income with multiple questions. How do I work and live in a small space? What is the primary goal of this quarter’s work? What is the best source for my favorite textile paint? How can I best produce this image in multiple scales? Where do I find another market for my product? Who wants to use this? How do I create structure that will produce the work flow I desire?

Methodical practice of art has produced a different level of thinking. The adventure today is to see if I arrive at solutions. Are you changing your level of thinking? Who and what helps you change?

A Year of Listening: to What?

This is my year of listening. On Mondays I post a quotation from my collection, words that resonated the first time I heard them, and which continue to resonate. That is a plan for listening which I share with others. I also have personal listening that is about discovery. What am I hearing?

I started listening to Ted Talks as I work in the studio. I am listening to understand the size, structure, and energy of these presentations. I also get to think about topics that would not necessarily come across my radar.

I am listening to trusted voices. Good words come from folks dear to me, good and familiar books, and from those who share my path, if even for a short time. I also hear my own voice, sometimes more clearly through my visual art.

The best thing I am hearing is God’s laughter. Several years ago, I told my sister that I wanted a complex answer to a simple question. This was not a whim, not a clever sound bite, but rather a deep desire, a prayer. I listen and I hear complexity. How do I like this? God is laughing and I am dancing.


A Year of Listening, Week 2

A schedule defends from chaos and whim. It is a net for catching days. It is a scaffolding on which a worker can stand and labor with both hands at sections of time. –Annie Dillard
photo (7)
section of Dancing at Midnight, textile wall hanging by Norma Colman