Three Jersey Jackets

Autumn arrives. Brisk days call for a layer of warmth and comfort;  welcome a rayon jersey jacket to your wardrobe.

In this dye session, I used subtle stenciled pattern to add artistic interest. Clients remark that they like the flattering placement of pattern in my clothing.

Do you like interest at the yoke and collar,  the quiet comfort of an all over texture, or a jazzy bit over the hips,?


Unto The Hills

The 2015 Sacred Threads exhibition opened July 10 in Herndon, Virginia. The liturgical section includes two of my works, both inspired by daily life. The horizon line of the Blue Ridge Mountains is one of the delights of living in the Shenandoah Valley.  All three pieces are for sale.  Contact me for more information.

scrolls and stoles 006 scrolls and stoles 009

Unto The Hills


If I were a psalmist, I would look to the Blue Ridge.

Old mountains catch the mist, the snow.

Old mountains protect the valley below,

Green valley where I walk in daily patterns.


The path of the labyrinth quiets my mind

And I raise my eyes.

I lift my eyes. The hills have shadows and trees.

Goodness is there. Help is present.

She’s His Cat

I married a man with a cat last fall.  Sweetie the cat, adopted when his daughter moved, is the empress of the domain. ( and I am fine with that because she never enters my studio.).

The persnickety puss loves moving water.  She has an endearing meow which I interpret as, “Get that faucet turned on now.  I am languishing.”  She prefers that her human serve her, immediately.  This is a well established pattern for both cat and man.

I turned on the faucet today.  The slow head turn, the inaudible sigh, the unmistakable disdain.  She’s all cat, but she still pussy-footed her way to the water.

The Creative Sprint task for today: do someone else’s role.