Questions about Enough

I am a morning person.  I like waking up.  My better mornings are when I remember to prepare the coffee and set the delay brew the night before.  But with or without the smell of coffee, I like the moments between waking and leaving the snugly comfort of my rest.

I think about those I love.  I stretch my body and am glad to be in it.  I let my mind wander and wonder.  In that brief journey, my mind often goes to the recurring themes of my current pursuits: a life of enough, creative process, seasonal living.

I was rather startled last week when those thoughts brought me to two questions: what’s under my bed?  and what possesses me?  They are rattling a complacency in me.  They persist in revisiting me.  Today I looked under the bed, a place where I have historically stored textile projects with which I didn’t want to be concerned.  I found at least two bins of fabric ready to be used.  Surprise!  My pursuit of a life of enough is changing my habits.  There needs to be more new habits before I want to answer the second question.  What possesses you?


Focus Words

I typically chose focus words at the beginning of each year.  The words shape my days.  They serve as a measuring stick for my activites.  They remind me that when I pursue non-urgent activites, I am often doing what is really important to me.

This year I chose play, prepare, and produce.  Recently I added pace to the group.  I have been more mindful of myself during my creative process. Play, prepare, and produce are elements of that process that needed to be brought up several notches.

The addition of pace is to remind me that between pushiness and procrastination there lies a wonderful land of opportunity. A place where unfinished objects can be completed or reconsidered.  A space where two creative ideas can be fused into a good pursuit. Pace is a breath of exploration.  It is the pulse of routine.

A wise man once said to me, “Norma, get moving, but move slowly.”   I am moving.  Now let the pace be appropriate!