Giving It Away

My favorite gift to give is encouragement.  One of my new art friends will be surprised to get the result of today’s task from. CreativeSprint.


Encouragement with a New Look

I carry a fabric tag inside my purse that reminds me to be BOLD.

It is the half way point in CreativeSprint, and I am bending the task to suit me.  Instead of carrying something I have made and documenting locations, I am bringing BOLD back to the studio in a little frame.  Thanks to Another Limited Rebellion for the encourage to practice creativity with discipline.

Ask Someone to Help With a New Technique

I started a poetry MOOC yesterday.  One of the presenters talked about her technique of collecting words she encountered through her day.  When she was ready to write, she intuitively combined different parts of her collection and found pleasing rhythm and observation. Today I cross trained my poetry lesson into CreativeSprint: collection and juxtaposition.

Head apparel

Monday is about embracing the work week.

But some Monday’s I would rather not be age appropriate.

Today’s task from CreativeSprint: make a hat or something to wear on your head.  My spirit says it’s time for flowers in my hair.

Organic Declaration

Make some legal graffiti?  I nearly gave myself a pass from CreativeSprint’s 12th assignment.

The prompt includes the suggestion of leaves or chalk to make a temporary statement.  I wanted to stay in my little mats format.  I have never given graffiti a thought.       

I proclaimed myself a Trinitarian with small leaves in three colors.


CreativeSprint asks today that I make something with or about my next meal before I eat it.

Food on a stick is on the menu:

Who Is Telling The Story?

I am twisting today’s assignment from CreativeSprint from make a puzzle to illustrate a conundrum. As a result of some recent publicity and the opportunity for more, I am asking, “Who wants to tell my story and why?”


Pick A Drawer

CreativeSprint prompts me to open a drawer and make something with the contents.

Bold circles, a little black mat, and a few minutes of pleasure start my creative day.


Creativity, Irony, and the IRS

Creativity: CreativeSprint’s prompt on day 8 instructs me to flip to a random page in a book at hand and make something inspired by the first sentence you read.

Irony: the sentence is “Marry well,” which I did less than 6 months ago.


The IRS?  As I cut out the rings for N and N, dear Ned polishes off our first joint tax return.  I do love the guy who appreciates my creative soul.

Bits of a Dollar

CreativeSprint  task for Day 7: use a dollar ( or the equivalent) as inspiration or the medium.  I found change for a dollar, traced the coins, and cut out fabric.  I plan to make the circles into flowers.