Using the Inventory of Ideas

Pleasure arrived this week in the form of using what I know.  I anticipate hitting the finish line on several projects soon.

blog 001

I have cut with these scissors for over 4 decades. I trust my capabilities when I use them. I began my library of figures nearly 2 decades ago and have added four new figures this year. Familiar tool, familiar forms, but a fresh design.

blog 005

Brown couched cord creates a clear image, but is warmer than black.  A photograph of this choice from several years ago eliminated thinking about yarn color.  Of course, I did remember to refer to the photograph.

blog 006

Hand painted and printed fabric appear in woven strips and leaf shapes.  Now that I have a larger stash of my own fabrics, I readily use them with tried and true techniques and patterns.



Game Day

Monday was my personal Game Day. I didn’t know that was what I was having until I was 2 hours into it. It started out as the day to sort and rearrange the four file drawers in my work space.

I planned to transform the drawer space from storage into work enhancement.  As I emptied drawers, I discovered my collection of images for inspiration, a folder full of quotations (artistic fuel for me), and some of the designs and patterns I have created over the last 15 years. When I unfolded the sketch of harpies from one of my early pieces, a shape I thought was lost to me, I knew I was playing “I own it, I use it.”

This game is part of my pursuit of enough. I had somehow failed to include my creative designs as part of my studio inventory. This was as silly as forgetting recipes and cook books in the kitchen. I acknowledged this good segment of property. My mind stirred in new directions as I color coded the files for each drawer.

What have you forgotten to include on your “own it” list? How are you going to find it and use it?