June Morning

Today my hands rinse strawberries in a bowl with holes.
I know the farmer who raised the berries.
I know the potter who fashioned the berry bowl.
This is the community I have been seeking.

I pop a berry in my mouth.
I recall William Morris’s Strawberry Thief.
I value the decorative arts, creative expressions for daily life.
I choose to be both artist and artisan.

Today I am making a funeral urn pall.
I cut and assemble small squares in liturgical colors.
I pray a celebration of life.
Good work calls me and I answer.


A Change in The Weather


The nip in the air here in Virginia is becoming a frost warning for tonight.  I enjoy seasonal change.  It is a reason to change the menus, my walking schedule, and wardrobes.  I have happy toes in wool socks right now.

This week I stitched up three pillow covers from upcycled and sun painted fabric.  Each has a folded flap end secured with a button and wrapped cord closure.  The sofa likes a wardrobe change, too.

What do you for the change in the seasons? Do you appeal to the senses?  What delights you?

Comfort and Joy

Fibergig, the Etsy shop I operate with my daughter Emily, is participating in Christmas in July with the Handmade Circle. My hands are busy with projects out of sync with the weather; my mind actively wanders over its own terrain. Why do I so enjoy making things for the holidays? I get great delight in making art and artifacts every day, but there is a peculiar joy in what I do for the winter holidays.

And I know many of my fellow crafters feel the same. I encourage my readers to take a look at the many crafted items in the shops of Handmade Circle. Locate them easily through this link: http://bagsbyhags.blogspot.com/p/christmas-n-july.html. Emily and I have created a treasury called Comfort and Joy of items from this circle of shops. Do they suggest comfort and joy to you? http://www.etsy.com/treasury/NzMyMTkzN3wyNzIwNDYyMTA1/comfort-and-joy

When I was younger, much younger, my holiday greetings focused on peace and good will. Over the years, there has been a shift to comfort and joy. Even when the family Christmas tree became a winter solstice tree to accommodate a larger scope of belief, the ornaments were about nestling birds and dancing stars. Comfort and joy. That is what I like to share, particularly during the winter holidays. And I often express it through items made by hand. How do you like to share comfort and joy?