Fibergig is a branch of Studio Three 17. It’s the mother-daughter enterprise of Norma Fredrickson, owner & artist, and Emily Colman, shop manager and knitter. We operate an Etsy shop at www.etsy/shop/

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We are transforming fiber. We change yarn and fabric with process and technique.

Treasured fabric—a vintage wedding gown, a stained pulpit frontal, headscarves worn during a battle with cancer—becomes new.

We extend the life of lightly used fabric in our upcycling stewardship.

We stitch, alter, and embellish new fabric and fibers.

In turn, fiber transforms us and the people we serve.

farm to artFarm to art. Witnessing to God’s grace and goodness, we seek a life of daily stewardship and seasonal celebration. Fibergig is the transformation of Norma’s part of the family farm into a business shared with daughter Emily. We create fiber objects for people, places, and sacred spaces.

On the farm, chores were assigned by ability and availability. We continue that system. Emily is Fibergig’s primary voice and hands of technology; she manages the online shop and social media. Norma is the primary voice and hands of creativity, vision, and finance.

Though we live 350 miles apart, we meet weekly through video calls, and we communicate daily by emails, text messaging, and phone. Distance has honed our ability to serve others near and far. We like to listen, ask questions, and then listen again.

In recognition of our roots in farming, we donate 10% of the sales of our food-related products (aprons, mug mats, table runners, napkins) to local and world hunger efforts. Additionally, we send 25% of the sales from our BOLD fiber tags to Lutheran World Relief.

BOLD tags

Learn more. See and purchase work from Fibergig on Etsy.