Design for a Specific Space

Creating art work for a specific environment can offer the opportunity to use new sizes and proportions.  The client wanted pulpit frontals that picked up colors in the stained glass, that did not obscure the cross in the pulpit, and that complemented the chapel furnishings. The results include bold cross designs in fresh proportions and … Continue reading Design for a Specific Space

Update: Clerical Stoles for Smaller Budgets

In mid-September I posted about my studio challenge to design one of a kind artistic stoles at a more modest price point than my current work.  The solution must maintain the standards of construction that I use for the rest of my work. After I selected fabric from my inventory, I prepared each selection to be … Continue reading Update: Clerical Stoles for Smaller Budgets

Searching for the Way to Create Clerical Stoles for Smaller Budgets

Summer conversations with pastors presented me with a design challenge:  create hand crafted art stoles for  $75.  The stoles will conform to the studio's standard craftsmanship.  Techniques will be simplified and limited, but the art will still have my signature look. Emily, my daughter and partner, wants six ready for October 15.  I found fabric for all five liturgical … Continue reading Searching for the Way to Create Clerical Stoles for Smaller Budgets

Using the Inventory of Ideas

Pleasure arrived this week in the form of using what I know.  I anticipate hitting the finish line on several projects soon. I have cut with these scissors for over 4 decades. I trust my capabilities when I use them. I began my library of figures nearly 2 decades ago and have added four new figures … Continue reading Using the Inventory of Ideas

Adding Particular Details in Commissioned Work

One of the joys of creating commissioned art is to add particular details about the client to the work. " Ancient Words, Today's People" is a set of white altar and pulpit frontals made for a congregation which has worshipped for over 250 years in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I wanted the congregation to see … Continue reading Adding Particular Details in Commissioned Work

A Stole for Ordinary Time

Take my yoke upon you....for my yoke is easy and my burden is light. About 7 years ago, a Lutheran pastor and I discussed movement away from congregations owning buildings. We talked about a more flexible church. We chatted excitedly about moveable altars and banners and worshippers with electronic tablets, not hymnals, in hand. We … Continue reading A Stole for Ordinary Time