Using the Inventory of Ideas

Pleasure arrived this week in the form of using what I know.  I anticipate hitting the finish line on several projects soon.

blog 001

I have cut with these scissors for over 4 decades. I trust my capabilities when I use them. I began my library of figures nearly 2 decades ago and have added four new figures this year. Familiar tool, familiar forms, but a fresh design.

blog 005

Brown couched cord creates a clear image, but is warmer than black.  A photograph of this choice from several years ago eliminated thinking about yarn color.  Of course, I did remember to refer to the photograph.

blog 006

Hand painted and printed fabric appear in woven strips and leaf shapes.  Now that I have a larger stash of my own fabrics, I readily use them with tried and true techniques and patterns.


Adding Particular Details in Commissioned Work

One of the joys of creating commissioned art is to add particular details about the client to the work. ” Ancient Words, Today’s People” is a set of white altar and pulpit frontals made for a congregation which has worshipped for over 250 years in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I wanted the congregation to see themselves as those gathered at the cross, illuminated with the light of Christ. The inclusion of the figure in the wheel chair and the man lifting the child, developed from photographs of local members, heightens the recognition.

Grace Win White 002

Grace Win White 003

Grace Win White 004

Interviews during the initial phase of commissioned works often reveal places to explore the particular. What would you want in your art piece?

A Surface Design Tool


mid week 2 and newsletter 004thermafax 003

This week’s studio work includes using products from one of our fellow Etsy shops, PG Fiber2Art. They market thermofax screens which are great for applying painted design to paper or fabric. We had the BOLD made for our new fiber tags. We ordered our fibergig name in two sizes, one for bags and one for garment labels.

Please visit their shop. You will be inspired.