Call / Respond Week 17

And it’s spring when the world is puddle-wonderful –e e cummings

I was a middle schooler when the poetry of e e cummings took hold of me. As an Illinois farm child, spring was a mixed season because on wet years the mud was nearly unsurmountable. But the poet’s picture of spring enchanted me. Years later I lived a bit of it with my children in Virginia. This art piece, Puddling, is the fiction of memories. The pairing takes me to a fantasy spring. Join me.

About Call / Response: Quote-a-day calendars infuse my day with an unpredicted perspective. This year I will post weekly words of another person and my textile art. I want more time with the words and the image. I want to explore the interplay between words and image. Join the journey, which I have named Call / Response. I just might tell you which came first, words or image!

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