Call / Respond week 11


I play it cool

And dig all jive.

That’s the reason

I stay alive.

My motto,

As I live and learn

is: Dig and be Dug

In return. –Langston Hughes

I created this collage of musicians as an illustration of this Langston Hughes’ poem. It is still on display in the studio as fresh work. The poem was found years ago as a memory lesson for my second son during the year we homeschooled. ( I learned it also.) This week I am posting it as a celebration of 40 years of being mother to this human. I hope that he is continually encountering jive and digging it. You, too,

About Call / Response: Quote-a-day calendars infuse my day with an unpredicted perspective. This year I will post weekly words of another person and my textile art. I want more time with the words and the image. I want to explore the interplay between words and image. Join the journey, which I have named Call / Response. I just might tell you which came first, words or image!

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