Call / Respond Week 9

We all carry within us our places of exile, our crimes, our ravages. Our task is not to unleash them on the world; it is to transform them in ourselves and others, — Albert Camus

Joseph in The Well and the Camus quotation have existed in my repertoire for years but were just put together for this post. The story of Joseph includes privilege and deprivation, fame and shame. Was he terrified at the bottom of the well or was he creating possible escape plans as he breathed through the moments?

About Call / Response: Quote-a-day calendars infuse my day with an unpredicted perspective. This year I will post weekly words of another person and my textile art. I want more time with the words and the image. I want to explore the interplay between words and image. Join the journey, which I have named Call / Response. I just might tell you which came first, words or image!

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