Postponed Until…..Now!

For months, years I have delayed making the clothing that I want. After years of custom work for others, I am quite specific about what I want. My small friends asked me quite boldly when I was going to get to work on my wardrobe. Notice that their clothing has many of the details I want for my own: pockets, good fit, and custom details.

I am on sabbatical from commissioned work until the end of May. I have bins of garment fabric in the studio inventory. Both familiar and new patterns are ready for use. Everything is ready. Am I?

It does no good to tell myself to get to work. I wrote a great plan for this effort last year and little happened. Now I am beginning with a question: what effect will wearing my own clothes have on my daily life? I have creative companions who are formally trained in science. They have brought me to this point. I did a practice day last week by hemming sleeves of 5 fleece tops to a good length for me. When I wear them, I no longer need to roll up the sleeves. I hypothesize that satisfaction will trump postponement.

What are you finally beginning? What motivates you?

One thought on “Postponed Until…..Now!

  1. Thanks, Norma. I find so much satisfaction in making things work better, even my clothing. Bravo for enjoying tops you like without having to mess with those blasted long sleeves. Enjoy these months of working for yourself!

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