A Good Barn

As I child, I observed that barns were used for storage and for work. Every farm had one.

As a child, I was confused by the Bible story about the wealthy person who tore down good barns to make bigger ones. That seemed foolish to me. I am guessing that most of my adults at that time would have agreed with me. But I did not ask them.

I am currently using the phrase “good barn” as a metaphor for the answer to the two questions “What do I have?” and “Where is it?”. Using what I have brings me joy; the use of materials, space, time, knowledge, and energy is more satisfying as I age. As I pursue what is enough for me now, I consider how much time to I want to commit to commissions and how much fabric do I want to have in the studio?

I know I want to reduce fabric inventory. These fabric bins were the score of the week at my local thrift shop. I will sort fabric, organize in these bins, and use it. At the end there will be less fabric in my barn. I will be a more joyful artist. The studio as barn will be good.

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