An Artist’s Advance

A few days of intentional creativity are often essential in an art practice. I occasionally schedule time with limited distractions, specific tasks, and a focus on evaluation in my own studio. Unlike an artist who retreats for inspiration, I am seeking affirmation.

Extremely hot weather eliminated the distractions of yard work or outings. I planned and prepared food before studio time began. I stacked playful creative projects on the cutting and paint tables. I researched techniques that I hadn’t used recently. I pulled out screens and stencils from the bottom shelf and back of the drawer.

The studio calendar has two large projects to complete by mid-summer, a small commission due in a few weeks, and three opportunities for submission. I do not want to delete or delay anything. What I want is to increase energy and focus to keep myself on schedule and working joyfully. Here is what happened.

Turned the corner on the 40-panel mural. I work more efficiently when I have several panels in process simultaneously. And I have a satisfied sigh when I gently poke out the corners after lining a panel. I heard myself!

Painted poles. Twice. A project includes how it will be presented.

Screen printed with dye. One screen and one tub of dye are on their way out. It is good to see what doesn’t work. Most of the work delights me. More of this process in the near future.

Stenciled quick designs for an experiment. 20 minutes is often enough to learn what I want to know.

Manipulated wire to create pose-able figures from muslin dolls. Because I want to do this.

The projects are right on schedule. Ideas and techniques are collecting for new work. And my energy is good. I am affirmed that studio work is in a good place!


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