Casting Aside That Fictitious Self

Louise, Gladys, Ruth, and Juanita

These character figures, whom we call earth women, are the newest addition to our Etsy shop: they are making their debut today at the Amuse At Home online art market. Last week we asked our social media community to help name the earth women. The responses reflected the the arts, history, and mythology. I was preparing to put the suggestions for each figure in a bag and then make a random selection.

And then I thought about my mother (It was the 97th anniversary of her birth.) I reflected on her friends, the ones I knew in my childhood, the ones I was privileged to see from an adult perspective, the ones who stayed close as they aged alongside my mother.

I am keeping the suggested names from last week’s poll. But today we are introducing these characters with these words from Kate Chopin: She was becoming herself, casting aside that fictitious self which we assume like a garment. Meet Louise, Gladys, Ruth, and Juanita. More information ia available at

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