Create A Space For Creating

My fabric career spans decades, serving clients from Hawaii to Puerto Rico.  I have worked on the dining table, in a spacious bedroom, down in the basement, and from the kitchen counter. Soon I will practice in a studio made just for me! 
Originally a two-part wooden door opened to the work bench / potting shed of my garage. I like the above view of layered solutions. The craftsmen who integrated the block wall were a delight to watch. Photograph below shows the new door and windows.  The mammoth piece of equipment signals that soon water will be piped in and out of the space.

 Each one of the spaces in which I have worked has evolved my skill and craftsmanship.  Clients have evoked ever-widening artistry.  It is my goal that the new studio will support larger inventory, more complex work patterns, and greater focus on increasingly authentic art.

3 thoughts on “Create A Space For Creating

  1. Norma, you won’t know what to do with all this space. Will you have a studio open house when it is complete?

  2. I have established a workshop in my basement to weave baskets and sew. Many construction sites throw away good building material. I now have a well organized area and spend a lot of hours creating. Gone are the days of having to clean up basket messes in my kitchen and sewing projects from my dinning room.

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