Consider These Lilies

The 2015 Sacred Threads exhibition opens July 10 in Herndon, Virginia. The liturgical section includes two of my works, both inspired by daily life. The ubiquitous day lily stars in the first.  All three pieces are for sale.  Contact me for more information.

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Consider these lilies.

Growing in your very own yard. Not the ones in faraway places. Not the ones on Easter altars. Consider these lilies.

The ones mama held in disdain, but which taught you about wabisabi in floral arrangement. (Not that anyone near that Midwest farm knew anything about Ikebana.)

They neither sow nor reap. They bloom one day. That’s it. Of course, there are plenty of buds. Blossoms appear abundantly for many summer days.

These one day bloomers persevere, returning each spring after deep cold, deep snow.

Could I be of their stock? I will consider these lilies.

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