Practice And Collaboration

Today marks the 2/3 point of CreativeSprint.  I agreed to try this practice because my assertive younger sister told me I needed to loosen up about sharing work that is either incomplete or just nor very good.  Ouch.  It does take the magic out of the practice of art.  It also makes me more aware of the mystery.

Today’s task is to make a pie chart or a Venn diagram.  What happens when the gray-haired girl and the red-haired sister get creative together (as we often do)?  The light and the heat show up!  Fire!

The best part of today’s activity was discovering that the daily inspirational quotation was from my sister Beth Nyland!  Here are her words: “Through daily practice, I strengthened my creative muscles. And those muscles have memory. Now I’m quicker to think of solutions to problems, new angles on writing projects, even suggestions for my children when they’re bored. I’m seldom “stuck” or at a loss for ideas. “

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