Mono-tasking on Multiple Projects

Mid-week studio progress report: little steps in multiple areas.

studio midweek shots 003

Purchased fabric for a wall hanging based on a hymn.  Next step: cut into pieces.

studio midweek shots 004

Pinned the pieced front of a wall hanging to the batting and backing.  Next step: quilt the layers together.

studio midweek shots 005

Stitched cross and rings applique to the front of a silk banner.  Next step: outline the shapes with couched cord.

studio midweek shots 006

Draped prototype of a rayon summer shawl on the mannequin.  Next step: hem and seam the 5 shawls.

studio midweek shots 007

Created appliqued abstract of seashore.  Next step: ?

studio midweek shots 009

Prepared new screen for printing.  Next step:  make a trial print.

studio midweek shots 010

Stitched and tied two silk scarves.  Next step:  add the color.

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