A Year of Listening: Week 23

What it comes to is that anybody can win with the best horse. What makes you good is if you can take the second- or third- best horse and win. — Vicky Aragon

These few words evoke great connections for me: my daughter loving an odd little horse, my Grandma Alice combining the remains of Sunday dinner with pantry staples to create a tantalizing lunch, my brother making inlaid wooden boxes from little bits.

I also remember a long-past 4-H foods demonstration contest at the state fair.  Minutes before I was to go on stage in the large auditorium, I discovered a third of my half-baked pie was missing.  This was the pie in which I was to pour the wonderful custard filling. Oddly, the fully cooked pie remain intact in the refrigerator. Momentary panic gave way to the next good idea. I had themed my presentation on the tempting quality of this apple pie.  The judges laughed about how the thief had proven my point.

What gets you across the finish line?  How do you define winning?


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