Will this work?

fibergig at gathering 002

This is the non-glamorous side of my art studio. My son and I taped off a 10′ square on the driveway, set up five pieces of display furniture, and moved them around. We tossed questions between us.

What are you putting on this? Do you want this painted? Can you get behind this? Will people be able to touch it? How far can this be seen? How high can we put this? Will this fit in the car?

Fibergig, the business portion of my studio, is preparing to be a vendor at this year’s national gathering of Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. This is a bold move for me; I seek help from reliable sources. My son Joe is a superb logistician and a strong man. We answered all the questions we could through our spatial encounter.

Will this work? We think it will. How do you plan space?

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