What Makes a Good Apron?

aprons in kitchen 013 Do you choose a full apron made of a cheerful print with good pockets?







aprons in kitchen 019




Do you prefer this half apron made of upcycled fabric, with extra long ties and good pockets?



apron 004

Do you want an apron like mine, an apron much-loved through use?






Do you need an apron that is just right for you? Bill wants a full apron with good pockets and extra long ties that go around and meet in the middle. He does not like to tie an apron behind him. Bill is a baker; he needs a serviceable apron. He asked me if I would make one for him. I am.
apron 007

Aprons are available at fibergig; click the icon to see the shop. Please convo us about custom orders.

4 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Apron?

    1. Diane, Thanks for your comment. I have been thinking about what might change to give a better fit. Is your primary concern coverage or maneuverability?

  1. I’m with Diane. Aprons need to fit better on top. For me, that means an adjustable neck strap, so I can get the thing over my head and then still have coverage for the real estate of clean shirt that lives between my chin and my boobs!

    1. Beth, the Studio Three 17 and the fibergig team agrees with the adjustable strap feature, included on all of our full aprons.

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