Gown of Generations

The request came: will you make my wedding gown into a christening outfit?

wedding gown 001

I photographed the gown and then gently deconstructed it.

upcycled wedding gown 002

I cleaned part of the lace and fabric to see if it was safe and if it made a difference.

upcycled wedding gown 009

The Christening outfit,  boxed and ready for delivery, was debuted in late December.  Today I cut out a Christening gown, 2 bride’s hankies, and an extra surprise.

This project delights me, taking a good garment and the memories of a celebration and regenerating both cloth and joy.  Blessings on those who celebrate.

3 thoughts on “Gown of Generations

  1. Seeing this has me wondering what you might do with my two wedding gowns? Is there some meaningful way to use them both, together, in items I can pass down to my children and grandchildren? Or, more immediately, how could we refashion them, together into something I could use or wear daily? So much to think about …

    1. I am enchanted with the idea of something that could be used daily. Will you share photos of your gowns?

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