The fun part of selling do-its in person is asking folks what verb they would choose to put on one. A few weeks ago I watched a gentleman carefully pick out dance, begin, create. “What would you like to see on a do-it?” I asked. “Repeat,” he responded quickly.
“Repeat? May I ask what you do for a living?” I was surprised by his verb. It was one that had never occurred to me to use.
He chuckled, “I teach dance.”

What a beautiful gift of a word he gave me! I have been pondering it. I see how important it is to my studio work. Repeated techniques. Repeated motifs. I recall my joy of seasonal life, a repeat I share with community. So I put the word repeat on a do-it. And repeated it a few more times. These are being shipped to a good teacher. More will become part of the shop inventory for fibergig at Etsy. One will hang in Studio Three 17.

A do-it is a small tag made of fabric, thread and yarn. It serves as a whimsical reminder of a desired action, which is handwritten with fabric pens. What verb would you like on a do-repeat 003 (640x480)it?

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