I am not running and I am not hiding.

Those words just popped into my head yesterday morning (June 27).  They were distinct, memorable, and puzzling.

I began this year with my three well-chosen words: prepare, practice, and evaluate. (More details are in my blog entry, Three Words 2013.)  However, they have been out of my focus range the last three months.  But the year’s half way point has brought them back, with evaluate front and center!  Last week I was having a hay day of self criticism for all the things I have failed to do since New Year’s Day. Ironically this monologue coincided with the delivery of a major commission, which was received with delight.  Self criticism is not thorough evaluation.

Not running, not hiding.  There is an evaluation; it reminds me of the blank space in a composition.  When we are aware of what we are not doing, we may begin to see what we are doing. What is no longer happening in your daily routine?

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