How Do You Like Your Eggs?

fresh daily

Fresh. Daily.  From the Coop.


One of my first jobs growing up was to gather eggs.  Since that opportunity to become appreciative of the role of the egg on the farm, the egg has evolved into a personal metaphor for creativity.  Today I live in a small house that was a chicken coop in its first life.  Today I practice textile art as a full time pursuit.  I like when the creative muse presents me her gifts in daily freshness right here at home.

I chose a variety of techniques and products that I have been practicing in the past year: fabric paint, crayons, markers, stenciling, rubbing, and couching.  The piece became a whole cloth sampler, celebrating my current creative techniques and the history I have of quilts, begun by my grandmother when I was a child.  There is one feather out of order, which was not intentional, but I liked it.  The last stitch I made on this piece was homage to my grandmother (It is the knot that embellishes the “I”.), who tied all of her utilitarian quilts.  Scrambled to soufflé.  Perhaps there is another egg quilt.


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