Three words 2012

I believe in the power of words.  Each year I choose three words to shape and focus my time, space, and energy.  They usually arrive in my brain sometime between Thanksgiving and the New Year.  I am grateful when they appear early, because I can roll them around and get comfortable with them.

Last year these words arrived: trust, invent, and nurture.  I have come a great distance with trust and nurture.  They have been invaluable for leaving old structures and evolving new relationships.  It was pleasurable to spend time with practices that were once central to my daily life.  I welcomed these old friends back.

Invent was chosen because it seemed like the more intellectual side of creativity.  I love revelling in the intuitive.  Invent triggers visions of research and controlled experimentation.  Invent was a choice beyond comfort towards a new balance.  I believe I need more time with this word.

How do you use words to shape your life?  Do you make resolutions?  What three words will help you in 2013?

2 thoughts on “Three words 2012

  1. I am always inspired by your choice of words. Interestingly, as a writer, I have not embraced your practice of selecting words to guide a year or season. Maybe I should work the opposite, and start choosing images to direct my time, space, and energy. Hmmm. Thank you, dear sister.

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