More Than Conquerors

This is a banner I made for the Metro DC Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America for their celebration of the Reformation in 2011.  It is inspired by Romans 8: 37, the verse that proceeds one of my personal favorites.  It is a processional banner, with words on the back for the viewers to see as the banner moves onward.

I printed on red, gold, adobe, and copper-colored silk.  The banner is created in three layers, window screening, five wavy panels of silk, and a large cross of cotton duck appliqued with gold mesh fabric. The design is physically and symbolically for a church in movement.  It is easier to process a large banner when the air can move through it.  Traditional symbols used in a contemporary format and the mixture of materials suggest change.

I chose this scripture after a rousing Bible Study on a Wednesday morning at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Winchester, VA.  This is my home congregation.  Those of us who gather at 7:30 in the morning are devoted learners.  Pastor Jim Utt posed the question, “What would be better than being conquerors?”  I had a very snappy response that morning.  And for you, in this moment, what would be better than being conquerors? 


1 thought on “More Than Conquerors

  1. Norma this is outstanding!!! do you have this or did they get to keep it? headed to a Reformation service in Wake Forest on Sunday. still need to et you and John connected…. let me know if ever in the Springfield area….

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