What Possesses Me?

Here it is!  An answer to the question I shared on October 9 of this year: What possesses  me? I visited my son recently and discovered the answer in a piece of my own art, “Waiting for the Rain.” When Joe first saw the piece, he studied it and then turned to me with the comment, “You are consistent.”

“In what way?” I asked. His response was that I was consistently good, which was thrilling to me. But he added, “There is hope in all your work.” And I was humbled.

I have believed for a very long time that one of my central messages is hope. I would like to be more expressive about love, but it is hope that pervades my work. I guess it possesses me. Perhaps that is why Advent remains my favorite liturgical season.

Parched land, dry and cracked. Thirst. Waiting. Waiting for the rain.

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