Questions about Enough

I am a morning person.  I like waking up.  My better mornings are when I remember to prepare the coffee and set the delay brew the night before.  But with or without the smell of coffee, I like the moments between waking and leaving the snugly comfort of my rest.

I think about those I love.  I stretch my body and am glad to be in it.  I let my mind wander and wonder.  In that brief journey, my mind often goes to the recurring themes of my current pursuits: a life of enough, creative process, seasonal living.

I was rather startled last week when those thoughts brought me to two questions: what’s under my bed?  and what possesses me?  They are rattling a complacency in me.  They persist in revisiting me.  Today I looked under the bed, a place where I have historically stored textile projects with which I didn’t want to be concerned.  I found at least two bins of fabric ready to be used.  Surprise!  My pursuit of a life of enough is changing my habits.  There needs to be more new habits before I want to answer the second question.  What possesses you?

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