What’s with this name?

Why Studio Three 17?

I have worked under my name for more than 40 years. And it never really satisfied me.

I am doing things differently now. I am working in Studio Three 17.

Studio because I am a life-long learner. A place with books, paper, computer, fabric, thread, paint, tools, and space to use them is a place I joyfully call home.

Numbers pervade my work and I have attached significance to them always. Some of it is like a personal mythology. I am always looking for threes, and there are many to be found. Spiritually, I am a Trinitarian. Finally, 17 is my personal number for abundance. It is a place from which I like to work. I was born on the 17th day of the month.

One reason I chose Studio Three 17 is because I wanted to leave room for company. Often I like to work alone, but I wither without dialogue. So tell me about your numbers.

Do you have numbers that are signifiers for you? If you were to name your creative space, what would you call it?

3 thoughts on “What’s with this name?

  1. Loved reading ALL the blogs. Thanks for including me. My favorite numbers are 2 , 1 and 0. Two is both even and prime. 1 is the identity # and 0 is a place holder. Variety, identity and security… you get the idea.

    1. Joyce, thanks for sharing your numbers! Varietry, identity and security. Those are words that could inspire working in a series. So here is another question. When you review your artistic work, where do you see those qualities?

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